Camouflage Paintball Gear

Camouflage will render paintball gear much harder to detect out on the paintball range. It may not make it impossible to see, but it will add a few seconds onto the time a player has before an opponent sees him and takes aim.


1. Use camouflage outfits and vests instead of any other color. If the gear is camouflaged but your clothing stands out, the camouflage won’t be of much use. Be sure to keep accessories, like belts and shoes, camouflaged or in neutral colors like dark brown that will blend into the surroundings.

2. Buy a ghillie suit to cover yourself and your gear, or make one from netting and strips of camouflage fabric. Make it large enough that you can fit your head and paintball gun beneath it.

3. Get your paintball gun professionally painted at a pro shop. They can paint it in the specific type of camouflage colors that you need, depending on the environment you play in. If you can’t afford to have it painted, cover your gun with camouflage tape.

4. Cover the edges of your mask with camouflage tape. Be sure to keep the tape on the colored plastic and avoid covering any part of the clear portions. If your mask has ventilation holes in the sides, poke a few holes through the sides to keep the inside of the mask from overheating and fogging up the glass.

5. Drape the end of the paintball gun in twigs and leaves from the surrounding environment. Even if the gun is already painted or taped, the natural cover will make it less obvious to the enemy.