Camouflage Your Airsoft Gun

Camouflage Your Airsoft Gun

Airsoft is a fun sport of skill and strategy. Much like paintball, the less you are able to be seen while playing, the better. It often helps to have an airsoft gun that blends in just as well as the player does, which is where learning camouflage an airsoft gun comes in handy.


1. Prepare your space. Use a large cardboard box or a high table that has seen better days to elevate your workspace. Put plenty of newspaper around the area that you will be painting on to keep paint off of your work surface. If you are working outside, it may be a good idea to use masking tape to seal your newspaper down, so you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing it away or, worse, into your camouflage paint and ruining your design.

2. Empty the gun. Take all pellets out of the magazine and out of the chamber. In the event paint gets into your gun somehow, you risk cementing your pellets to the inside of your gun or clip, making it difficult or impossible to dislodge.

3. Plug up the tip of your gun to keep as much paint out of the chamber as possible. Roll tissue into a tiny cylinder and jam it into the tip of the gun. If there are any other holes or openings in your airsoft gun, be sure to plug those as well to prevent paint from seeping in.

4. Section off the parts of the gun that you don’t want painted, and use masking paint to keep the paint off. Masking tape is the best type of tape to use; it won’t damage the gun once it is removed.

5. Spray paint your gun. Use any type of spray paint that is approved for the plastic or metal that your gun is made of for best results. Hold the can about six to eight inches and spray. A camouflage pattern usually consists of two or three colors, so start with the lighter one first and move to the darkest. You may wish to use a brush to paint the army fatigue detail on your gun for a more authentic effect.

6. Let it dry. This can’t be stressed enough. It is best to allow 24 to 48 hours for your airsoft gun to dry, or all of the hard work you put into camouflaging it will be for nothing. After that time has passed, take it out for a few rounds on your favorite course.