Camouflage Your Gun

With the popularity of hunting in the US on the rise, firearms have become a large market share of purchases in the sporting goods world. With the demand for better outdoor equipment and more stealth in hunting, camouflaging of guns has become a big business. We will examine some of the high and low tech options for camouflaging your weapons. Does this Spark an idea?


Options for camouflaging for your gun

1. Wrap the gun in woodland camouflage tape. Make sure that the sights and optics are no hindered. Wrap only one layer around the barrel and the stock. Seal it with a safety pin or with the clips that some tape manufacturers supply. This tape will be reusable and should be bought in a pattern that will mimic where you intend to hunt. This is the simplest way to camouflage your gun.

2. Spread out the strips of digital woodland fabric in a length about the same as your gun. With a scissor, cut a small hole at the top of each one. Taking a tie wrap, thread 3-4 pieces onto the black tie wrap and secure the wrap around the barrel of your gun tightly at 2 inch intervals. You can do the same for the thin end of the butt stock. When you are heading out and in position for your hunting, you can move these camouflage strips around the gun to break up the shape of the gun and cover any reflection the barrel may have. This is a slightly more in depth way to camouflage your gun.

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3. Assemble the strips of burlap close together on a disposable tarp. Using the cans of spray paint, randomly pattern different colorations across the burlap. Make sure there is no real discernible pattern on it. This will break up the shape of the gun. Take each strip after they have dried and tie them at irregular intervals around the barrel of the gun, allowing them to flow downward freely. These will be the basis of your gun camouflage. Make sure that the colorations you paint on the burlap will match the surrounding areas you will be using your gun in. These need to have a haphazard look as they will blend in more. This is the same technique the military uses for snipers to camouflage their weapons and uniforms.