Camping In The Catskill Mountains

The beautiful Catskill Mountains in New York state are a great getaway for campers looking for hiking, swimming, fishing and all manner of outdoor recreation. Travel to this area is easy because of its proximity to the New York City airport co-terminals and Albany. For many in the Northeast, it is simple to drive into the range for a scenic weekend retreat.


Campground range from rustic tent areas with fire pits to famous resorts perched high on the mountain sides. For those looking to “rough it” during the summer and fall months, hosts a large list of campgrounds available in the Catskills with the ability to search by amenities. Many beautiful waterfalls and springs are featured on these maps. A more luxurious stay may be had at any of the area resorts, especially favored by winter sportsmen, such as the Catskills Adventure Resort or Wolff’s Maple Breeze Resort. Lodgings such as these feature safe camping, hotel and ski lodge rooms, and even discounts for activities.


Lovers of nature can find adventure year round in the Catskills. Summer fishing, swimming, and hiking are complemented by more extreme sports such as rock climbing and glider plane rides. Many golf courses in the hills are available when the snow has melted from the mountains. During the winter, skiers and snowboarders come from across the world to test the powder and enjoy the lodge activities. For families with children, Balliwick Ranch and Discovery Zoo is open year round offering trail rides, zoo animals, and horse shows. Balliwick also has a five-acre outdoors paintball zone for woodsballers looking for a new environment to test their skills.

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Weather and gear

Spring and summer travelers are advised to pack light as the many hiking trails and fishing areas throughout the mountain range are often off the beaten path. Rainstorms and high winds may appear suddenly, especially in the higher elevations, and it is always wise to bring a parka or light raincoat even if the forecast is clear. The area regularly sees sub-zero temperatures from early winter until late spring and the thawing period can be dangerous for rock climbers or spelunkers. As always, bring safety gear for your favorite activities.