Captain Underpants Games

Author and illustrator Dav Pilkey chronicles the adventures of Captain Underpants in a series of Scholastic children’s books, the first of which featured two fourth graders turning their principal Benny Krupp into their homemade comic book hero. Online Captain Underpants games put players in the undies of the superhero, who battles villains such as the Bionic Booger Boy and Wedgie Woman.

Booger Games

Captain Underpants dodges boogers and shoots booger villains in “Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy,” accessible at Dav Pilkey’s website. When players shoot booger villains, boogers drop down toward Captain Underpants. Golden coins give players extra lives, firepower and points. With the school bombarded with boogers, players help Mr. Krupp become Captain Underpants and trounce enemies in “Captain Underpants and the Robo-Booger Roundup,” found at Scholastic. In this Pac-Man-style game, players move Krupp around the hallways of Jerome Horwitz Elementary School. Upon collecting enough pellets, players press the spacebar to turn Krupp into Captain Underpants; this gives Underpants invincibility for a brief time.

Comic-Making Games

Players create a multi-panel comic in “Comic Generator,” found at Scholastic. After choosing a layout, players drag background settings, characters and thought bubbles to frames. They may resize and rotate characters, as well as change the direction they face. In “Make Your Own Captain Underpants Comic,” players create a comic book containing four pages. Players choose backgrounds, props, characters and character dialogue. After completing the four pages, players select a title.

Head-To-Head Battle Games

Captain Underpants and the evil Wedgie Woman let robots do the fighting in “Romping Robot Power Punchout,” accessible at Scholastic. Players choose to control either Robo-George or The Harold 2000 and use the arrow keys to move. Battle moves include a jab punch, roadhouse punch, spring-load punch, flying kick and a windmill punch. The battle lasts three rounds. Two players battle as Captain Underpants and his evil counterpart from another dimension in “Underpants vs. Blunderpants.” After choosing a character, players fly and catch as many falling prizes as possible before their opponent does. Alternately, players may choose the single-player option and battle the computer.

Time-Crunch Games

Players flip cards to make all character matches in “The Captain Underpants Matchinator 4000,” found at Dav Pilkey’s website. Starting with 50 guesses, players try to find all matches before time runs out. Players try to reach the end of a maze before time runs out in “Captain Underpants’ Mischievous MazeMaster 2001,” found at Scholastic. Once players reach the end of the maze, they advance to the next level. Also at Scholastic, players visit the firing range and try to shoot characters with underpants in “Wedgie Power.” In this game, players try to score as many points as possible before time runs out.

Miscellaneous Games

Captain Underpants tries to rescue kids and fly them to the treehouse in “Captain Underpants Rescue Raider 4000,” accessible at Dav Pilkey’s site. Players fly and shoot the required number of enemies to advance in the game. Players solve mystery word puzzles to keep Captain Underpants from turning back into Mr. Krupp in “The Captain Underpants Splashernator 2000.” Each wrong letter brings Underpants closer to having Professor Poopypants dump water on him. Once water hits Underpants, he becomes Krupp and the game ends.