Capture The Flag In Team Fortress 2

Capture the Flag in Team Fortress 2

There are a variety of different ways to capture the flag and score victory for your team in Team Fortress 2. No one way is the best, but some ways work better than others. If you’re looking to take your game to the offensive level, give one of these strategies a try and see how they work for you.


1. Study the layout of your base. The layout of the enemy base is going to be very similar, if not identical. Find the quickest way down to the enemy flag (Intelligence) and the quickest way you can escape.

2. Become a Scout. If you’re already in-game, the default key to chance your class is the “,” key. The Scout has a higher running speed than any other class and has a nasty shotgun to boot. The Scout is the golden standard in flag capturing.

3. Become a Spy. While the Spy lacks the Scout’s speed capability, the Spy has the ability to enter the enemy base incognito. Do so carefully, and you can have a straight, unopposed walk down to the enemy Intel. Be forewarned that once you get down there and grab it, your disguise drops and you’ll need to shoot your way back out!

4. Become a Soldier. Next to the Heavy, the Soldier is the toughest hombre in the bunch. He has high health and packs a mean punch. The Soldier and his rocket launcher are also one of the best-equipped to deal with static defenses (sentry guns) sitting on or near the Intel. If at all possible, bring a Medic with you; this will make your job a lot easier.

5. Choose the Heavy. The Heavy, while slow, has the highest health in the game and a massive minigun in his hands. You can wade through scores of lesser troops with a good Medic at your side, and walking away with the Intel will be easier with the Heavy than with nearly anyone else. Beware the ammo counter! You’ve only got 200 shells for the minigun, so make them count and be sure to grab the weapons off fallen enemies for a quick reload.

6. Ask for a Medic if you don’t already have one. With the exception of the Spy and the Scout, any class can potentially make off with the Intel with the help of a good Medic. While you may be able to pull it off otherwise, having a Medic with you greatly increases your chances of success.

7. Ask for an escort. One of the easiest ways to break an enemy blockade is to charge it with everything you’ve got. If your entire team (minus defense of course) charges the enemy defense at once instead of one at a time, your chances of breaking through and grabbing the Intel increase dramatically. This might seem obvious, but not many teams do it.