Care For My Paintball Gun

Caring for your paintball gun is an integral part of getting the most out of the life of your gun. Whether you have a cheap or expensive gun, these steps will ensure both have a long shelf life, and will make this expensive sport a lot cheaper and easier to enjoy. You can use different brands of paintball gun oils and cleaners. Remember to remove the air source to your gun before beginning any of these steps.


Cleaning and Caring

1. Take your gun after you’ve used it and remove the barrel. Take your squeegee or barrel snake and run it through the barrel to clean out excess paint and dirt.

2. Use the squeegee to clean the vertical feeder of the paintball gun. The vertical feeder is the part of the gun that connects to the hopper.

3. Grab the gun oil and put a few drops in a few places. The first place is the trigger mount. Turn the gun upside down and drop a few drops in the spot where the trigger meets the body of the gun. Then put a few drops into the firing bolt. This allows the chamber bolt to move the paintball through the gun smoothly.

4. Wipe off the excess gun oil and paint off of the gun and barrel with the towel.

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