Carnival Flash Shooting Game Tutorial

A computer mouse is all you need for this shooting gallery…

“Carnival Shootout” is a flash-based game that can be played over the Internet without the need to download the game to your hard drive. The game is reminiscent of a shooting range at a carnival (hence the name) where the goal is to shoot various moving targets for points by using the mouse to control your gun. Shooting targets with white flags deducts points from your overall score. The game is simple to play.

Game Mechanics

The mouse and the left mouse button are all you need to play “Carnival Shootout.” Use your mouse to move your target around the shooting gallery and the left mouse button will fire your gun. You get six shots before you need to reload. Clicking the left mouse button once more fills up your gun again. An indicator on the right side of the screen shows how many shots you have left before a reload is needed. Animals move back and forth across the screen and each one has a target on it. You earn points by shooting the animals and bonus points for shooting the target specifically. Occasionally, an animal will cross the screen with a white flag. Shooting it will decrease your score. If you hit the target of an animal carrying a golden flag, you get bonus points and a special animal will appear. Hit the golden ball of this special animal for an extra point bonus. A minimum score is required to advance to the next level.

Additional Tips

Instead of chasing the targets around the screen, you can plant your mouse in the center of the screen and wait for the targets to come to you. Time their movement and you can catch them coming in without much movement of the mouse. A mouse is generally easier to use for this game than a touchpad but either one will enable you to play the game. You can also adjust your mouse pointer speed to take faster aim at the targets. Keep track of how many rounds you have left before needing a reload to make sure you don’t miss a chance at bonus points when your gun is empty.

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