Castle Defending Games For Kids

As the name suggests, castle defending games belong to a genre where the main objective is to keep a strategic point like a castle safe from attack. While there are many games in this genre, the content sometimes makes them unsuitable for kids. While it is impossible to find a nonviolent game in this genre, some titles are more child friendly in the sense that they don’t display blood, or they use cartoon imagery to make the violence less explicit.

Point & Shoot Games

With point and shoot castle defending games you direct control of the defenses of your castle. In games like “Crazy Castle,” you buy your weapons before each round and then have to click on invading enemies to stop them before they reach your castle. You buy new weapons or upgrade your defense using the cash dropped by the fallen enemies. “Crazy Castle” has bright, colorful graphics and cartoon enemies like earthworms. The level of violence is low enough to make it suitable for kids.

Click & Drag Games

In this format, the player has to defend his base without weapons. Some, like “Defend Your Castle,” have enemies that must be picked up and dropped to their death. A child friendly alternative is “Witch Castle Defence.” Instead of killing enemies, you click on them and then drag them off the screen to remove them. You have to be quick as any enemies that reach the castle will start to tear it down. “Witch Castle Defence” has colorful visuals to make it more appealing to kids.

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Tower Defense Games

Tower defense is the most common type of castle defending game. You have to buy and place special towers along the route that enemies will travel to reach your castle. The goal is to eliminate all the enemies before they can make it all the way along the path. “Castle Defense” uses tanks as invaders, so there is no blood or explicit violence.

Character Games

In these games you play as the single defender of a castle. In “Castle Defender” the character is a valiant knight armed with a bow and arrow. The invaders are all cartoon stereotypes. You use the up and down arrows to aim, and the space bar key to fire, so it’s easy for children to play. It is violent, but there is no blood or gore; the enemies vanish as soon as they’re shot.