Catch A Conch

Prized for their beautiful shells and a mainstay of many seafood diets, conch are in high demand. Here are some tips on nab one of your own. If pressed for time, you can always buy a shell at a gift shop and order the conch from the local menu. Otherwise, read on. Here is catch a conch.


1. Scout for an area in the water that is thick with beds of sea grass, as these places are ideal conch habitats. They tend to dwell in more shallow areas where the water is warmer.

2. Bait your conch trap. There is wide debate over which bait is the most effective. While many believe that horseshoe crabs make the best bait, others are concerned about the dwindling horseshoe crab population as a result of conch fishing. Loading a bait bag with crab pieces works as well.

3. Lower your conch trap into the water. Be sure that it has been cleaned of any worm-repelling chemicals that might poison the conch. To steer clear of the problem completely, choose a conch trap that is not made of wood.

4. Have some patience. Remember that the conch is related to the snail and is not known for fast movement.

5. Reel in your trap. Throw back all of the non-conch aquatic life as well as any conch that does not have a fully developed outer lip on its shell. As the conch is in dwindling supply all over, most places have made it illegal to catch juvenile conch that have not had the opportunity to breed.

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