Celebrate A 16th Birthday

Celebrate your 16th birthday in a way that reflects your personality, whether it’s formal or informal.

Milestone birthdays, such as your 16th, require a special celebration due to the significance of the event. Turning 16 generally signifies new responsibilities, privileges and hopefully more maturity as this birthday puts you closer to adulthood. Most teens like to celebrate their 16th birthday by throwing a huge party or doing something extravagant. Celebrate your 16th birthday in an unusual or unexpected way by doing something you have never done before or by revisiting your favorite birthday from your childhood. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Make a list of ideas on how you would like to celebrate your 16th birthday. This might include a super party with a glitz and glamour, retro, Hollywood, nightclub or other over-the-top theme. Other popular ideas include a sleepover with some of your closest friends, an outing to a mall or theme park with a group of friends or a day out, such as at the spa for girls or a paintball park for boys.

2. Talk to your parents to set a budget–if they are paying for your celebration–and ground rules to avoid getting into trouble on your birthday. Discuss any plans, ideas and requests you may have so that you are both on the same page. Negotiate with them if your idea of the perfect sweet 16 party is completely different from theirs.

3. Plan the specifics of your celebration. Book a hotel suite, spa treatments and food budget if you want a small spa-inspired sleepover for your best friends. A less expensive option is to have a sleepover at home and have an older sister, cousin, aunt or your mom and her friends give you and your friends makeovers and pedicures. Ask a friend or relative if you can borrow their house and pool for a pool party.

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4. Put together activities or entertainment for your guests, such as a DJ, burning a CD, organizing a scavenger hunt or movies. Plan out decorations and decide whether you will buy them or make them yourself. Determine what food or refreshments you’ll serve your guests, and if you’ll prepare it at home or have it catered. Assemble favor bags with treats for your friends that complement your party theme, such as nail polish or makeup for a spa party, key chains for a car or driving themed party or candy for a “sweet” party.

5. Send or pass out invitations to everyone you’d like to attend your 16th birthday party. Play up your age with the invitations by making the number 16 prominent on the invitation.