Change A Nightster Derby Cover

The Derby cover allows you to personalize your Harley-Davidson Nightster bike.

The Harley-Davidson Nightster motorcycle offers a customizable feature known as a “Derby” cover. This changeable plate mount allows owners to express themselves with various images. The derby cover is a 10-inch circle plate located by the kick starter. The Nightster motorcycle comes bearing a plate with the Harley logo, but changing the Nightster Derby plate is easy.


1. Unscrew the five screws that attach the old Derby cover to the motorcycle. Since all replacement covers come with new replacement screws and washers, you can discard the old. Replacing the screws also prevents rust.

2. Alight the new cover with the plate socket. There will a notch on the top of the cover that will fit into a notch in the socket. Rotate it until it slips in, then hold it firmly in place.

3. Place a washer over the top screw hole, then screw in one of the new screws. The plate is now stable enough to let go.

4. Screw in the other four screws, with washers. Once the top screw is attached, the order does not matter.

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