Change An Hpa Regulator

HPA regulators regulate the pressure in canisters used with paintball guns. Occasionally an HPA regulator will break or become faulty and need to be replaced. While many paintball enthusiasts will recommend that the tank be taken to a professional for repairs, it is often difficult to find a repair shop that has the necessary tools to replace an HPA regulator. Someone who is knowledgeable about his paintball equipment can replace the HPA regulator himself at a much lower cost than a repair shop.


1. Bleed all of the air from the tank. This is important. Make sure all of the compressed air is out of the tank prior to working on it. Leaving air in the tank can cause the regulator to burst off the tank or the tank to explode, causing injuries.

2. Wrap the tank in the protective mat and secure it in the vise. Using the protective mat keeps the tank from being dented or scratched by the vise. The mat also helps to secure the vise grip on the tank.

3. Carefully remove the regulator gauge, burst disk and fill nipple. Make note of where each piece fits. Replace any ruptured burst disks with new ones.

4. Remove the regulator from the tank using the strap wrench. Do not get anything into the tank. Foreign objects in the tank once it is filled can cause an explosion.

5. Use the brush and rubbing alcohol to clean any debris from the regulator valve threads. Replace the O ring on the tank.

6. Screw the new regulator halfway in by hand. Use a small amount of loctite on the regulator threads, then finish screwing in the new regulator by hand. Use the strap wrench to tighten the regulator.

7. Replace the regulator gauge, fill nipple and burst disk. Wrap thread tape around the regulator gauge and fill nipple approximately five times. Use the crescent wrench to secure. Allow the loctite to cure for 48 hours before filling the tank for use.