Change An Oring In A Paintball Gun

An O-ring keeps the air seal between the bolt and chamber of your gun.

Paintball is a popular sport for all ages. It doesn’t require expertise or great athleticism. It simply requires timing, a wise mind and conditioned equipment. If you are into paintball, knowing replace the O-ring in your gun saves you a trip to the repairman and keep you playing. An O-ring is often used whenever a tight seal is desired between two parts. In paintball guns, O-rings are used to seal off spaces to avoid air leakage. Thus, the O-ring is a vital part of the paintball gun that needs periodic replacement.


1. Take off the gun’s cover by removing the few screws that hold it in place. There are usually three or four screws on the gun stock and around the trigger that hold the covering together.

2. Take off the end cap from the back of the gun to remove the linkage arm. This might cause the trigger spring to pop out. Pay attention to the trigger spring. The end cap is located in the gun’s rear, near the trigger that keeps the front and rear bolt tight and intact. The linkage arm is a piece of light-gauge metal running from the front to the rear bolt. This will allow you to take the front and rear bolts out.

3. Take out the front bolt by detaching it from the air chamber. Since the in-cap is loose, you also have to unhook the two loaded 1 1/2-inch springs holding the rear bolt. The springs have two complementary receivers, so make sure not to set them apart that much.

4. Remove the rear bolt by taking it out from the air chamber. It should be done right after unhooking the loaded springs on its rear.

5. Replace the O-ring. Take the old O-ring out using your little finger, and put the new O-ring in by pulling the O-ring over the front while the middle finger is pinning it against the back of the bolt.

6. Lubricate the new O-ring by coating it with silicone lubricating grease. You can rub the grease on with your finger. This will ensure that there will be good air seal and will help make the O-ring last.

7. Screw the front bolt back and align it to the linkage arm.

8. Put the rear bolt back by aligning the springs to the gun’s sleeves.

9. Put the spring back into the trigger and put on the gun cover.