Change Body Kits On A Smart Parts Ion Paintball Gun

The smart parts ion is a very customizable paintball gun. One cool feature is the ability to change the body kit on it in a few minutes and completely change the look of the gun.


1. Take off all air sources, paintballs, hopper and barrel.

2. Remove the 4 screws holding the grip on and then unhook the battery from the gun.

3. Unscrew the 2 silver screws holding the grip frame to the paintball gun body. Also remove the black screw that is visible from the top of the ion where the barrel attaches.

4. Separate the body from the grip frame carefully. Use an allen wrench to remove all 3 banjo fittings from the body and grip frame and also unplug the eye wire from the gun body.

5. Slide the body kit off of the gun and then slice the new ion body kit over the metal body.

6. Reattach all of the fittings and reassemble the paintball gun.

7. Unhook the macro line from the fitting on the regulator. Grab the regulator and unscrew it from the gun.

8. Pull the regulator cover off of the regulator, slide the new one on and then reattach the regulator.

9. Replace the battery into the grip frame and attach the new grips that came with your new ion body kit.