Change Firing Pins In Airsoft Guns

Proper maintenance of an Airsoft-brand pellet gun involves cleaning out the mechanism and replacing parts that have worn down and are no longer operating at peak efficiency. You can replace the firing pin of the Walter P99 Airsoft-brand pellet gun to guarantee more accurate firing. You will need a few hardware tools and a replacement firing pin purchased from a hobby shop or Airsoft gun authorized dealer. The procedure is straightforward and does not violate the warranty because disassembly for cleaning is expected by the manufacturer.


1. Put a soft cloth on a table. Remove the magazine cartridge from the bottom of the Walter P99 Airsoft gun. Put the magazine cartridge aside. Pull the lever above the trigger on both sides of the Walter P99 to its down position.

2. Cock the sliding plate on the top of the Walter P99 back toward the hammer. Release the sliding plate. Pull down and out on the plate at the front of the barrel to remove it.

3. Push down on the locking lever at the side of the Walter P99 behind the trigger guard. Press the trigger while holding the sliding plate with your fingers. Release the trigger. Release the locking lever.

4. Pull the sliding plate off the front of the Walter P99 with your fingers. Place it and the compressed air tube that is inside of the sliding plate aside. Pull the spring off the top of the Walter P99. Put the spring aside.

5. Hold the Walter P99 with the hammer facing you. Pull the hammer toward you. Pull the firing mechanism out of the top back end of the Walter P99. Put the firing mechanism on the soft cloth with the open end facing up. Blow out the firing mechanism with compressed air.

6. Clamp the ends of the tweezers around the firing pin that is up against the left side inside of the firing mechanism. Pull the firing pin toward the right side of the firing mechanism.

7. Pull the firing pin up and out of the firing mechanism with the tweezers. Blow out the firing mechanism with compressed air.

8. Hold the replacement firing pin with the tweezers. Insert one end of the replacement firing pin into the left side of the firing mechanism. Engage the contact hole on the inside of the left side to hold the firing pin in position. Lay the firing pin down into the firing mechanism. Blow out the firing mechanism with compressed air.

9. Put the firing mechanism back into the top of the Walter P099. Release the hammer. Put the spring back onto the top of the Walter P99. Reverse the disassembly process to put the Walter P99 back together.