Change The Frame Rate On A Helmet Cam

Adjust the frame rate on a helmet cam.

A helmet cam is a small electronic camera embedded in or mounted on your headgear. It is useful for documenting your adventures, such as when you go bike riding or skydiving. Shooting at a faster frame rate means you can play your footage back later in slow motion to highlight exciting moments. If you aren’t satisfied with the number of frames shot per second, you might be able to change the frame rate on your helmet cam, depending on the model and manufacturer.


1. Press the “Power” button or switch to turn on the helmet cam.

2. Look for an LCD display panel on the unit, which should activate when you turn on the helmet cam. The current frame rate setting may be displayed in the main menu.

3. Find the button that brings up the menu for setting the camera’s options, and press it.

4. Navigate the menu to the frame rate setting option. Press an up or down button, or type in a number on a keypad if available, to adjust the frame rate to go faster or slower, depending on your needs. A faster frame rate will give you smoother video, but it also takes up more memory to record. If you have plenty of memory to record your videos, you might want to use the fastest available frame rate, to capture more details. If you don’t have very much memory and recording time, you might want to record at a slower rate, so you can capture video for a longer period.