Change The Latch Spring In A Handirifle

H&R (or Harrington & Richardson, producer of the Handi-Rifle) is the world’s largest manufacturer of single shot rifles and shotguns. A single shot weapon incorporates an open-breech loading style, a style that requires you to “crack” the weapon open and place a single round in the chamber. This feature is controlled by a barrel latch spring, and over time the spring can become weak and need to be replaced.


1. Unload the weapon completely and inspect the chamber to ensure that no live ammunition is present in the weapon.

2. Place the weapon in a padded vise and turn it sideways so you can see the punch pins on the trigger mechanism. The right side of the weapon should be facing up.

3. Use a small punch tool and tap out the trigger assembly lock pins on both sides of the trigger guard. Tap them slowly to ensure that you don’t mar the finish of the weapon.

4. Pull the trigger assembly out. You’ll have to wiggle it slightly and pull to remove it.

5. Remove the latch spring from the front of the trigger guard. It will be held in place by a tight groove. Simply pull it out.

6. Replace the new spring by twisting it into the groove counterclockwise until it sets into place. Re-attach the trigger assembly and replace the pins.