Change The Needle In A Red Arrow Tagging Gun

Tagging guns allow price tags to be attached without damaging the material.

Retailers use tagging guns to attach labels and price tags to items on which a sticker label can’t be used. A tagging gun is equipped with a hollow, sharp needle that penetrates one point on the item, usually clothing, to deliver a plastic thread fastener through it. The needle of a tagging gun does not last forever, however, and eventually will have to be replaced. As long as basic safety procedures are used, replacing the needle is a simple process.


Removal and Replacement

1. Remove the protective needle cover that conceals the needle on the gun. Be sure to wear protective gloves to avoid being stuck by the needle.

2. Locate the needle release lever and switch it to release mode. The release lever is a small plastic switch at the base of the needle. When the lever is locked, a small tab on the level will be pointing towards the stock and handle. Rotate the lever counter-clockwise (for most red-arrow models) so the tab points away from the stock and handle in order to set it to release mode.

3. Grip the base of the needle gently with your fingers and pull away from the gun to extract the needle. Make sure your fingers are away from the trigger.

4. Slide the replacement needle into the barrel with the needle notch facing upwards. The notch is a small groove on one side of the needle’s base, which is the wider, flat end of the needle. Push the needle in far enough for the end of the needle’s base to be flush with the tagging gun’s casing. The end of the base is where the rounded base ends, and the thin needle shape begins.

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5. Rotate the release lever clockwise to set it to the locked position. Gently pull on the base of the needle to ensure it is locked into the barrel.

6. Attach the plastic needle cover to the tagging gun so the needle is concealed.