Change The O Ring On A Dye Asa

Take good care of your paintball gun and it will help you play better.

Keeping your Dye air source adapter, or ASA, in good working order ensures that you will not miss any game winning shots in paintball. The O-ring in the Dye ASA maintains the ported gas pressure inside your ASA and paintball gun. When this ring has become old or dry, it will begin to leak some of the gas. This will cause the paintball to leave the gun with less velocity and some shots may fall short or fail to break open on the target.


1. Unscrew the bottle from the paintball gun. Unscrew the on/off knob on the Dye ASA as far as it will go.

2. Insert the socket wrench or screwdriver inside the gas port and unscrew the gas regulator pin. Remove the pin. Unscrew and remove the on/off knob.

3. Insert the Allen wrench into the gas port and unscrew the brass ring. If your Dye ASA does not have a brass ring then skip this step.

4. Remove the O-ring inside the gas port using the O-ring pick or toothpick. Apply a generous coating of grease to the new O-ring. Insert the new O-ring inside the gas port. You can use the Allen wrench to help seat the new O-ring.

5. Replace the brass ring, if your Dye ASA has one. Replace the on/off knob. Replace the gas regulator pin.

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