Change The Pressure In A Pure Energy Tank

Pure Energy is a manufacturer of paintball supplies, including regulators and tanks. The pressure in a Pure Energy tank determines the amount of shots per tank fill and the rate of fire of paintballs. Changing the pressure and performance of a tank involves upgrading parts of the gun or upgrading the tank itself.


1. Add a Pure Energy regulator to the paintball gun. The regulator connects to the frame and valve via a drop forward, which is a mount for the air tank. The regulator regulates operating pressure in the tank and prevents liquid CO2 from entering the innards of a gun.

2. Add a Ram Air chamber to the paintball gun. The air chamber, which connects to the barrel, forces CO2 out of the low pressure chamber and back into the valve. The air chamber allows the paintball gun to operate effectively on low tank pressure and decreases the chance of paintball breakage.

3. Upgrade to an Ultra Air Pure Energy tank, which fills to 4500 PSI and comes with a convertible regulator and low pressure conversion kit. The carbon fiber tank offers consistent flow in pressure and approximately 500 shots per fill.