Change The Velocity On A Tippmann A5

Paintball has developed into a wildly popular team sport. However, one important factor in enjoying paintball is easy to overlook–paintball velocity. Velocity is important to both you and your opponents. If your velocity is too low, the result will be shorter and inaccurate shots; if it is too high, you have the potential of hurting someone and being removed from your game or facility. Accurate velocity is important, and these steps will show you adjust the velocity on one of the most popular paintball guns, the Tippmann A-5.


1. Before adjusting velocity, make sure to put on goggles or a paintball mask. Then fire your A-5 while using your chronograph and note the fps (feet per second) speed. 300 fps is the international safety limit.

2. Locate the velocity-adjustment screw on the right side of the gun and the adjustment tool that Tippmann provides. If you do not have the tool, a small Allen wrench will also work.

3. To increase the velocity of your gun, turn the screw counterclockwise. Make small adjustments, checking the velocity with the chronograph between turns.

4. To decrease the velocity, turn the screw clockwise. Again, only make small adjustments at a time.

5. Once you reach your desired velocity, fire your A-5 a few times to ensure constant velocity.