Charge A Rex R1 Paintball Gun

Paintball is a simulation war-style game that allows players to shoot each other with paint pellets.

REX R1 Paintball guns are older paintball guns still in use today due to their durability. Unlike some paintball guns, the R1s are powered by rechargeable battery packs similar to the models used in remote controlled racing cars. While most models don’t come with the charging equipment included, it can be purchased from any number of online retailers or hobby stores.


1. Order a 7.2-volt battery charger. Hobby and paintball suppliers sell several different varieties, as will some hobby stores. Prices vary, but you should be able to find one for $20 or less.

2. Take the NiMH battery pack out of the gun. Pull it out through the handle and unplug it.

3. Connect the battery to your charger. Press the two corresponding ends together until they click into place.

4. Plug the charger power supply into a wall outlet. Allow the battery to charge for several hours, or the amount directed by your charger.

5. Remove the charger from the wall. Disconnect the battery and plug it back into the gun.

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