Charge A Spyder Vs3

The Spyder VS3 shoots paintballs

The Spyder VS3, like many other electric paintball guns, needs to be charged before using it. This paintball gun uses a 9.6 NiMH battery that is located in the trigger frame. When charged and operational, the Spyder VS3 can shoot in fully automatic, three-shot burst, and semiautomatic modes. The battery also serves as a power source for the electric eye located in the body of the gun. The electric eye ensures that a paintball is fully loaded into the gun before it can be fired. This prevents messy ball breaks.


1. Install the battery in the trigger frame of the Spyder VS3. This can be done by unscrewing three screws on the left side of the trigger frame. Remove this panel and attach the battery to the battery harness. Replace the trigger frame panel and three screws.

2. Plug the Spyder A/C charger into the charging port on the back of the trigger frame and plug the other end into a power outlet.

3. Charge the Spyder VS3 for six to eight hours. Always unplug the gun once it is fully charged. The manufacturer warns that allowing it to charge for 24 or more hours can result in battery and electronics damage.

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