Charge An Airsoft Battery

There are a couple variables to take into account when charging an airsoft battery. The total charge of the battery and the charge rate of your charger will determine how long to charge the battery for. The total charge a battery can take is measured in milliamps (mA). Luckily, the airsoft battery charger’s charge rate is measured in milliamps per hour (mA/h), making charging the battery relatively easy.


1. Before even plugging the battery into the charger, you need to determine how long the battery should be charged. To do this, divide the battery’s total charge by the charger’s charge rate. These values should be located on the battery/charger, or in the product’s instructions.

For example, if your battery can hold a total charge of 1,000 mA, and your charger’s charge rate is 500 mA/h, then you would divide 1,000 by 500 to get 2, which is the number of hours it would take to fully charge the battery.

2. Remove the battery from the airsoft gun. The location of the battery will vary from model to model, but its location should be listed in the product’s manual.

3. Connect the battery to the charger, and allow it to charge for the appropriate amount of time. You should remove the battery once it is fully charged because overcharging the battery will reduce its lifespan.