Charge An Electric Air Soft Gun

Electric airsoft guns, also known as automatic electric guns (AEGs), were originally developed in Japan. Electric airsoft guns feature a rechargeable battery pack that powers an electric motor. The motor operates gears, which propel the plastic airsoft BBs. Electronic airsoft guns typically replicate modern or historical weapons and are used in scenario games and re-enactments. As the popularity of airsoft has grown, so has the number of models available on the market.


1. Remove any clips or magazines from the airsoft gun and release any air or spring pressure from the gun. Make sure the safety is on.

2. Locate the power specifications for the charger, which are printed on a sticker or molded into the plastic of the charger. Verify that the power output of the charger is compatible with the rechargeable battery in the AEG.

3. Attach the correct battery tip to the charger cord if necessary. Some models of charger cords are supplied with several different tips. This feature allows the unit to be used for charging more than one type of gun. Make sure the correct tip is used and check the polarity of the tip before charging.

4. Determine how long the battery in the AEG should charge. To do this, take the battery’s milliamp-hour (mAh) capacity and divide it by the rate of the charger. For example, it would require four hours for a 250-mAh charger to fully charge a 1,200- mAh battery. If you do not have part or any of this information, simply check the battery periodically and unplug when warm to the touch.

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