Charge An R1 Paintball Gun Properly

Paintball is a popular, combat-style sport where players shoot each other with paint.

Viewed by many as an acceptable alternative to actual combat or video games, paintball has been widely played since the 1990s. The REX Paintball R1 gun is a well-respected product for use in paintball games. Though it is not commonly available anymore, it can still be found used and sometimes new, according to Paintball Review. If you happen to have one, charging the device is a standard procedure that should be familiar to anyone who’s ever charged a battery.


1. Purchase a 7.2 volt battery charger. The appropriate kind will be listed for use with RC cars and airsoft guns. They’re available for from $6 to $30 online.

2. Remove the battery pack from the gun. Slide it out from the handle and unhook the plastic plug.

3. Plug the battery into the corresponding plug on the charger. The male end should fit into the female end and lock.

4. Take the power cord from the charger and plug it into the wall. Wait two to three hours, depending on the model you purchased.

5. Unplug the device from the wall. Disconnect the battery and attach it securely to the gun once again.