Cheap Vacation Spots In Illinois

Chicago, Illinois.

Illinois is home to one of the United State’s most lively city, Chicago. Chicago has amazing architecture ranging from art deco to very modern skyscrapers, the Sears Tower being the tallest building in North America. It also hosts the world’s largest public library with two million books in its collection.

Additionally, Illinois enjoys lush forests, rivers and lakes, making it an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. It is not hard to find inexpensive ways to have a fun-filled vacation in Illinois, considering the amount of natural beauty and diversity of landscapes available.

Twin Rivers Campground Retreat Center

Twin Rivers Campground and Retreat is an amazing option for an affordable way to spend a vacation in Illinois. Located along the shore of the Kankakee River along Saint Anne, the campground has pavilion areas, 100 tent sites, 48 RV sites and private cabins. The grounds have river access for canoeing and other water sports, as wells a horseback riding trails, picnic areas, a rock climbing wall and endless activities including paintball and fishing.

Additionally, all guests at Twin Rivers Campground and Retreat are VIP guests at the nearby Elks Golf Club.

The campground has fun for the whole family at $17 a night per tent site as of 2010.

Twin Rivers Campground Retreat Center

4112 South Youth Camp Road

St. Anne, IL 60964


Tunnel Hill Trail

The Tunnel Hill Trail allows you to bike through the Shawnee National Forest in what was once a railroad rout. The trail’s northern end begins in Harrisbur and ends in Karnak in the south. The trail is a total of 45 miles, located in Johnson County, considered the bicycle capital of Illinois.

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Tunnel Hill Trail can be done in one day but it is also a good idea to enjoy the scenery and break it up into segments. The route is rich in wildlife with a great diversity of habitats.

There is no cost to bike Tunnel Hill Trail and there are several campgrounds located within 10 miles of the trail.

Tunnel Hill Trail

Highway 146 East

P.O. Box 671

Vienna, IL 62995


Free Walking Tours in Chicago

The Chicago Office of Tourism’s Office of Cultural Affairs hosts a program called Chicago Greeter, which offers free and diverse walking tours of the city. The tours are led by enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers that have a passion and love for Chicago. Tours are capped at six people and they last from two to four hours total.

Chicago Greeter is open to suggestions of places you hold and special interest for and you are able to choose from more than 40 interest areas, such as architecture and public art and 25 unique neighborhoods.

Chicago Cultural Center

77 E. Randolph Street

Chicago, IL 60601