Cheat On 3d Pinball For Windows

CHEAT on 3D Pinball for Windows

Many PCs include several games on the hard drive, including 3D Pinball. While the game can help you pass some time in between other tasks, you can ring up high scores with a couple of cheats.


1. Click on “Start” in the lower left-hand corner of your PC screen. Click on “Programs” to show a list of all programs on the computer. Place the cursor over “Games” in the Programs menu and click on “3D Pinball” in the menu that appears to launch the game.

2. Type “hidden test” and hit the Return key after the game loads. Left-click the pinball to grab it before you launch it. Move the ball around the pinball table to rack up a high score.

3. Press “R” on the keyboard after launching the cheat in Step 1. This increases your rank in the game.

4. Press “H” on the keyboard to give yourself a high score of 1 billion. It will be displayed as second on the high score list because you cheated.