Check A Firearm At A Gun Shop

The process of deciding and selecting a new firearm will often involve a trip to a local gun shop or sporting goods store. These outlets will typically feature a wide range of firearms from which to choose and will provide an opportunity to hold and examine the features of the firearm. Holding a firearm and working the action is an important step in the decision-making process.


1. Locate a gun shop, sporting goods store, or other retailer that carriers a variety of firearms. Make sure the retailer offers the handgun, rifle or shotgun you are considering as well as comparable models to also examine.

2. Discuss the features of the firearm with a member of the sales staff prior to examining the firearm. This is also a good time to learn about comparable firearms that may have similar features at a different price point.

3. Hold the firearm to get a feel for the weight. Not all firearms weigh the same, and all people are not comfortable holding the same amount of weight. Take some time to get used to the weight and feel of the firearm.

4. Hold the firearm in the position from which it will be fired. Ask for assistance if unsure of the proper position in which the firearm should be held. When pointing the firearm, make sure to aim away from other people. Never point a loaded or unloaded firearm at a person.

5. Work the action of the firearm. This may involve opening and closing a bolt action or lever of a rifle, racking the forearm of a pump shotgun, or pulling back the slide of a semi-automatic handgun. Once again, ask for assistance if you’re unsure about how a firearm is operated.

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