Children’S Outside Games & Equipment

There are many great games that children can play outside. Some require more equipment than others to make them enjoyable, but the main objective is having fun outside. The list below includes several outdoor games that are enjoyable for all participants and are a great way to ensure everyone is included in the outdoor activities.


T-Ball is a great outdoor game for children. It’s very similar to a baseball game but T-ball is perfectly suited for the skill level of younger children. Instead of a pitcher, a baseball sits atop a tee and children swing at the baseball with all their might. This is a great game because it allows many kids to participate all at the same time. There are some essential items that you must have to play T-Ball. Those essential items are: a bat, baseball, helmet, T-ball tee, and a baseball glove. Any equipment beyond the essentials is optional, but extras like team jerseys, baseball cleats and bases can add even more fun to the game.

Flag Football

Flag football is the perfect alternative to a real game of football. flag football requires less equipment than traditional American football and is a great way to engage children in a fun team sport without the risk of serious injury. During a game of flag football the only thing being grabbed and thrown to the ground are the flags attached to the participants’ waist. Each team can include as many players as they’d like. Flag football sets are available at retailers like Toys ‘R Us and, in most cases, the sets include all the necessary equipment for the game: a football and belts with Velcro flags attached.

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Capture The Flag

Depending on the age of the children participating in the game, the rules of capture the flag may change a bit, but the general idea of this two-team game remains the same. The object is to make it into the opposing team’s territory and capture their flag. It’s not so easy because if you are tagged by an opposing team member while on their side of the field you can be temporarily suspended from the game. The wonderful thing about this game is any number of children can play, and the only equipment needed is space to run and a place to hide a flag. Virtually any item can serve as the flag. For more information about capture the flag visit Kidz World at

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Freeze Tag

Children love to play tag outdoors. A fun variation of traditional tag is ‘freeze tag’. This game doesn’t require any equipment, just plenty of room to run outside. The basic rule of freeze tag is to avoid being touched or “tagged” by the person who’s “it”. If you are “tagged” then you must freeze in place as soon as you are touched and you can not move again until one of the other participants in the game touches you to “unfreeze” you. Freeze tag is a great way for children to get some exercise and play together.