Choose A Laser Tag System

For thousands of years, even the most advanced games have involved nothing more than the tossing of a ball around until a winner is decided. Within the last few decades, however, technology has come into being that allows for the creation of more sophisticated games, and from that technology, laser tag was born.

As the first game in which the quality of the technology drastically affects the outcome of the game, deciding which laser tag systems are the best and which should be passed over is essential, so think about the attributes of the best laser tag system.


1. Decide between infrared (IR) and laser systems. For those on a budget, IR laser tag systems are inexpensive, but they come at the price of being inaccurate. With laser systems, where you shoot is where you hit, as it should be.

2. Choose the type of receiver you want. Reactivation or download stations are common with IR systems, whereas laser systems use fiber optics. Inaccurate scoring is often the result with IR sensors, as they are bulkier and prone to damage. Fiber-optic sensors, on the other hand, don’t protrude from the vest, which minimizes damage and allows for more accurate scoring.

3. Get the best phaser. Check out the styles available and see what you like. Common styles include two-handed and one-handed phasers as well as phasers that can add sound effects to the game, display the player’s score and display the time remaining in the game.

4. Buy the best accessories. No laser tag system would be complete without countless other items beyond simply the phaser and receiver. Consider the design of the arena, home base station, sound system, fog machine, vests, vibrating hit sensors, battery, scoring system, score printer and other miscellaneous items offered by the company selling the laser tag system.

5. Research before you buy. With numerous companies offering laser tag systems, consider all the systems before you decide which one to get. In the process, you’ll discover which features you want and how much you’re willing to pay. The best laser tag system gives you what you want at the best possible price.