Choose A Survival Gun

People that spend alot of time in the wilderness often try to find a firearm that will both protect them and feed them in an emergency situation


1. Decide what you will most likely need a survival gun for. Do you spend alot of time in bear country ? Do you live near a desert with venomous snakes ? Do you spend days at a time in the backwoods or just an occasional stroll on the nature trail ?

2. Decide on a caliber that fits your needs, if you are in bear country than maybe a 44 mag would be a good defensive gun, and you could bring along some “snake shot” (small shotgun type shells for the pistol) in case you need to hunt some small game for food. If bears are not a threat then maybe a small 22 pistol would be fine to take care of snakes and small game.

3. Once you have decided a caliber that fits your needs it is time to find your survival firearm, (i will only discuss pistols in this article ) I prefer revolvers when in the backwoods reliability and versatility are the advantages of a revolver. A 22 revolver such as a Ruger single six cant chamber and shoot 22 short, 22 long, 22 long rifle, and comes with a 22 mag cylinder also. Revolvers can also chamber and shoot snake shot which is great for small game in larger calibers. When you purchase your pistol be sure to check for any wear or broken parts on used firearms.

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