Choose An Airsoft Gun

The type of airsoft gun you need depends on the type of airsoft game you play and whether you play competitively. Many different guns are available and it’s best to choose your gun by examining your own playing style and desires so you can get the most for your money.


1. Research different types of airsoft guns and product ratings. The main types of airsoft guns are spring-action, electric and pressurized gas and these come in five different styles; handgun, shotgun, rifle, machine gun and sniper rifle.

2. Determine your playing needs. The type of airsoft gun you need depends on if you are playing competitively or just for fun. Consider your budget constraints as well.

3. Practice shooting different guns in designated fields to get a feel for what you like best. Ask your teammates and friends if you can use their airsoft guns to test them out and ask for their opinions on the different guns they have used.

4. Visit a local store that carries airsoft supplies and ask for help from a salesperson. Tell them about your playing situation and they can help you determine the type of airsoft gun you need.

5. Consider starting out with a used airsoft gun. You can save money or have extra money leftover to purchase additional used guns. Purchasing more than one gun allows you to play and use the gun on a regular basis so you can tell if it’s the right one for you.