Choose Darts


Choosing the correct darts is a very personal choice. Finding the best dart for you will improve your performance and accuracy. There are many types of darts to choose from. Here are some factors to consider when choosing darts.


1. Decide on the type of darts you want. Darts come in many types. The most common are wooden, brass and tungsten. The most popular is the tungsten type due to its durability. Tungsten darts also have a smaller barrel which allows you to group darts closer together on the board. Try a variety of dart types to determine which is your personal preference.

2. The next thing you need to decide is the weight of the darts. This is also a personal choice. Dart weights typically range form 12 to 50 grams. Most players use a dart weighing 30 grams or less. A factor is choosing a dart is the speed in which you throw the dart. The heavier the dart, the harder you have to throw it and remain accurate. When you try each dart weight, throw it the same way you normally do and see how the darts react. Choose the weight that best matches your throwing style.

3. The next factor is choosing darts is the barrel grips. The barrel of the dart varies. Some are heavier and some are smooth. Generally the heavier barrel provides a better grip, but depending on your throwing style may not be as accurate. Again, it is a personal choice so find a grip that is best for you.

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4. Another factor to consider is the flight of the dart. Flights also come in different sizes and styles. A dimpled surfaced flight will help slow down and stabilize the flight of the dart. Try different flights to see how they affect the path of the darts with your throwing style.

5. Choosing the correct dart for you involves a lot of testing and experimenting. Go to a dart store and try as many different combination of types, weights,barrels and flights as you can. It may take awhile to find the combination which is the best fit for you.