Christian Bachelor Party Games

Paintball games are clean bachelor party fun.

A bachelor party is a celebration of impending marriage as well as a time of bonding between the groom and his groomsmen and closest male friends. A bachelor party doesn’t have to contain the stereotypical debauchery if the groom and his friends are Christian or choose not to participate in some of the more typical bachelor party events such as drinking games and hiring dancing girls.

Paintball, Laser or Frisbee Tag

Not all bachelor parties have to take place in a home or club. Take the groom and friends to the nearest paintball range where they form teams and hunt each other with guns loaded with small paintballs. Laser tag is similar but uses electronic vests with targets and laser pointer pistols instead of paint. A low-tech version can be played with a large field and at least one Frisbee per player. If a player gets hit by a Frisbee, they are out of the game. Finish the day with a trip to a favorite restaurant or have the losing team cook dinner for the winners.


Does the groom have a favorite card game? Organize a poker or blackjack tournament complete with prizes for the winners and the groom’s favorite finger foods. Or have friends bring portable televisions, game consoles and several copies of the groom’s favorite video game for a video game tournament. Make sure to have plenty of food on hand, as these tournaments could take all day.

Scavenger Hunt

This game takes more planning for the groomsmen but can be a great success. Divide party goers into teams and give them clues to a scavenger hunt. Clues can involve visiting places where the couple met, important locations to the groom or gathering supplies to make a great dinner at the end of the hunt. Be sure to ask permission from land owners or store managers before hiding clues on their property. Ask the bride for help in planning the clues that involve special places to the wedding couple.

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