Chrono An Airsoft Gun

Chrono an Airsoft Gun

To chronograph, or chrono, an Airsoft gun involves measuring the feet per second that a plastic Airsoft BB travels through the air as it leaves the barrel of the gun. Commercially made chronographs feature a tube through which the plastic BB is fired. A display screen on the outside of the unit displays the speed in feet per second (fps). Many Airsoft ranges and shooting events require that guns be checked with a chronograph before using. Limits on the maximum feet per second are often used as a safety guideline to prevent injury.


1. Mount the Airsoft chronograph to a tripod if possible, and position it on a sturdy table or work surface that will provide support and prevent movement during testing. Use a backstop behind the chronograph to stop and catch BBs as they are fired through the chrono tube.

2. Load the Airsoft gun with ammunition that will be used during shooting events, games or target practice. Test any ammunition that may be used, as different weights may produce different results. For example, BBs weighing 0.20 g may give different results from 0.25-g BBs.

3. Position the barrel in front of the chronograph tube. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the exact distance that the muzzle, or end of the barrel, should be placed from the chrono.

4. Fire a BB straight through the chrono tube. Look at the view screen to determine the speed, and write down the fps number.

5. Repeat the process for at least five rounds of each BB weight being tested. Chronograph five rounds of a BB at a certain weight, and then proceed to the next weight of BB.

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