Clean A Bt4 Combat Paintball Gun

A BT4 Combat Paintball Gun is a stealth style of paintball gun and is considered tournament legal. It has a removable grip frame for easy breakdown and upgrades. The paintball works with CO2 and has a stainless steel bottom line. If you happen to own one of these models, you will want to learn the basics of clean a BT4 Combat Paintball Gun after use.


1. Disconnect the CO2 of your BT4 Combat Paintball Gun. Never clean the gun with an active air source. You can then start to disassemble the gun by unlocking the frame. Keep your paintball gun instructions handy to remind you put it back together after cleaning.

2. Use a paintball gun squeegee to remove any debris that has been caught inside the barrel. You can wet the squeegee with some warm water to get any dried debris. You can purchase a paintball gun squeegee from online stores like Sak World Paintball. Use a moistened towel to clean the outside of the barrel.

3. Use a pipe cleaner to clean all of the crevices of your BT4 Combat Paintball Gun. You can also use cotton swabs if you don’t have a pipe cleaner handy. On the grip frame, scrub with a small brush to scrape off dried paint. You should also check the O-rings of your B4 Combat Paintball Gun at this time to see if any need to be replaced.

4. Dry all parts with a clean towel. Once it has dried completely, you can lubricate it prior to reassembly.

5. Shine the BT4 Combat Paintball Gun with a lubricant. Use a product like Gold Cup Gun Oil. Apply with a clean dry cloth to all parts of the gun.

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