Clean A Camo Finished Gun

Camo finish changes the way that you clean your gun.

Cleaning is essential for the upkeep of your camo finished gun. With the camo finish you will never have to oil the outside of your gun again, just clean and oil the inside. Guns that were made years ago required cleaning after every use. Today, modern guns are not as corrosive and you can actually get multiple uses between cleanings. In addition, being familiar with your gun and knowing use it not just while firing rounds but also during the cleaning process is very important.


1. Unload your gun. As you do so, make sure there are no rounds in the firing chamber. Also empty out any shells or cartridges.

2. Wipe down the gun. Use the cloth patches for this preliminary step. Use firm, smooth strokes to remove dirt, grime and contaminates.

3. Scrub the inside of the frame and cylinder. Use the brush that came with the gun cleaning kit. It will look like a tooth brush.

4. Clean the barrel using the rod. To do this, you will use the largest attachment in your cleaning kit that will fit into the barrel. Most attachments can hold a piece of cloth, such as one of your cloth patches. Dip the cloth patch in the solvent before placing it on the rod. Then insert the rod into the barrel gently until it appears out on the other end. Repeat this 4 to 5 times.

5. Dry the barrel. Insert a dry cloth into the barrel several times until it comes out completely clean.

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6. Apply small amounts of gun oil to all of the movable parts. Your gun cleaning kit may come with an oil applicator, or you can use a cloth patch to apply the lubricant.

7. Wipe the outside of the camo gun with dry rag. You can use one or several of the cloth patches for this as well. Because your gun has a camo finish, you will not need to oil or otherwise cleanse the outside of the gun. Just rub it thoroughly with firm, smooth strokes to remove dirt and grime.