Clean A Computer With A Compressed Air Can

Before you clean a computer with a compressed air can, you must know use the air and what you have to do to the computer before you start. The last thing that you want to do is damage any of the components inside the computer. It important to hold the can correctly and at the correct distance from the computer parts to prevent damage, but yet clean out all debris and dust. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Unplug the computer from the power source and any other hardware attached via USB ports and other ports. Remove the case covering the computer components with the screwdriver.

2. Hold the compressed air can four inches from the inside of the computer and blow the around the components and then the bottom of the computer. Blow the air into the power supply and blow the air into the fan from the backside of the computer. Blow the air into the CD drives and the floppy drive. Wipe the case with a water dampened anti-static rag or paper towels and replace the cover.

3. Blow out the connections on the back of the computer. Dampen a cotton swab with the rubbing alcohol and wipe the openings in the back of the computer. These include the phone plugs, USB ports and connections for the monitor and printers.

4. Use the compressed air to blow out the keyboard. Use the cotton swap dampened with rubbing alcohol to clean the keys.