Clean A Gun

After using a firearm for a period of time, you must return the unit to a clean, safe working order. Employing a few common sense techniques will restore it to a pristine state. Keeping a close eye on the build-up of deposits in the barrel and firing chamber will ensure they’re removed before an accident happens. Follow these steps to clean a gun.


1. Purchase a quality gun cleaning kit. Ask the sales person for a cleaning kit that best suits the weapon being cleaned. Rifle cleaning kits are similar to a pistol cleaning kit, yet the barrel cleaning rods differ.

2. Ensure that the weapon magazine is unloaded, and there is no round in the firing chamber. Failure to follow this simple first step could result in the accidental firing of the weapon and cause a very dangerous result.

3. Remove all ammunition from the area where the gun will be cleaned. Get rid of any shells or cartridges and place them in a secure location.

4. Prepare a well-lighted, clean and spacious work area. Keeping the table top clear of obstructions yields the best results.

5. Wipe down the weapon with a silicon cloth to remove any contaminants. Silicon cloths also prevent rust prints and the build-up of oils.

6. Clean the barrel with an appropriate gauge rod and cloth wrapped tip. There are numerous commercial barrel cleaners on the market that provide good results.

7. Rub a small amount of gun oil on a cloth and apply a thin layer to the weapon.

8. Inspect the barrel and bore for any fouling or deposits that may not have come loose during cleaning.