Clean A Splat Ball

Splat balls, liquid-filled balls that stick with a splat when you throw them against surfaces such as glass, walls and floors, are designed to relieve stress or provide entertainment. Although splat balls come in different forms and sizes including smiley faces, animals, food and even translucent balls filled with objects, they all have a similar sticky surface. When this surface material gets dirty, it loses the ability to stick. To clean your splat ball to refresh its sticking ability, you simply need to wash the debris from the ball’s surface.


1. Turn on warm tap water.

2. Put two to three drops of mild detergent in the palm of one of your hands. Pick up your splat ball with the other hand.

3. Hold the ball under the running water and then rub the detergent across the ball’s surface to wash it.

4. Rinse the detergent and other residues away with the running water.

5. Place your splat ball when finished on a clean, flat surface to air-dry.