Clean A Spring Airsoft Gun

Cleaning a gun doesn’t have to be hard.

The spring-powered Airsoft recreational gun uses the elastic potential energy of a spring to launch pellets. The Airsoft gun is safe because it cannot fire a shot, like electric or gas-powered Airsoft guns. Keeping spring Airsoft guns clean ensure they perform with greater accuracy and last longer.


1. Clean the exterior of the spring gun. Use a soft non-abrasive cloth dipped in silicone-based cleaner to wipe the exterior clean. You can also use cotton swabs to remove stubborn grit that clings to the exterior of the gun.

2. Take the magazine out of the gun and clean with a cloth dipped in silicone-based cleaner. Put a few drops of oil on the moving bits of the magazine that you can reach. Replace the clean magazine.

3. Clean the barrel of the gun. Spray a cleaning pad or cotton wool with silicone spray and attach it to the cleaning rod. Gently push the rod into the barrel to clean the barrel. Pushing too hard may damage some of the springs that make up the mechanism. Repeat the process two or three times using a new cleaning patch or fresh cotton wool each time. When the patch or cotton wool comes out clean, the barrel is clean.

4. Tighten any loose screws with the screwdriver.