Clean A Spyder Pilot Acs Red Gun

Designed as an entry-level marker, the Spyder Pilot ASC uses an electronic trigger to fire paintballs in a single-, three-, or six-shot burst. Like all markers, the Spyder Pilot requires care of its internal components in order to maintain the marker. If you fail to clean your gun after each use, your marker will experience gun misfirings and paintball breakage leading to poor shooting. Still, the Kingman Spyder requires cleaning of only its main components — body, bolt, striker and barrel.


1. Turn counterclockwise to loosen and remove the barrel. Using your barrel brush or barrel plug, pass the brush through the barrel to remove any paintball fragments or paint. If paint residue is left over, wipe the brush or plug with a wet rag and pass the brush or plug again through the barrel.

2. Locate the bolt pin on the back, left side of the gun. Hold the velocity adjuster spring as you pull outward to remove the pin. Using a wet rag, clean the spring and bolt guide.

3. Insert the paper clip into one of the top bolt covers. Push the bolt outward using the paper clip. If the rubber bumper contains paint, clean it with a wet rag. Place two droplets of marker oil on each side of the bumper. Since the Spyder uses a Delrin bolt, you do not need to oil it, however, if you find the bolt has paint on it, remove the paint with a wet rag.

4. Check the striker for paint. Using a wet rag, clean the striker if it contains paint. Using the gun oil, place two droplets of oil onto each side of the O-ring. Use the droplet nozzle to spread the oil around the ring.

5. Place the striker back into the bolt hole to slide into the marker. Ensure that both the striker and bolt are facing forward as you place them into the chamber. As you push the bolt, fire the trigger in order for the bolt and striker to fully enter the chamber. Replace the spring and bumper.

6. Clean the body with a wet rag. Gently pass the wet rag over the barrel, trigger, trigger guard, the handle and the ball feed.