Clean A Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun

Properly maintained paintball markers last longer and perform better.

The Tippmann A5 paintball gun requires proper cleaning and maintenance to guarantee a proper and accurate performance. The gun must be disassembled for thorough cleaning after heavy use. The gun is designed for easy field stripping and requires only a few tools to break it down into individual components. A clean, damp cloth may be used on most of the parts to remove dirt, paint and oil. Premium gun oil is recommended on some of the more intricate parts.


1. Unload the paintball marker and unscrew the CO2 tank.

2. Twist the barrel counterclockwise and unscrew it from the body.

3. Remove the three push pins located along the horizontal center access. These push pins hold the grip and trigger assembly in place and may be removed by pushing them through with the aid of an Allan wrench.

4. Remove the cylinder gas line from the upper receiver by pushing the “Tombstone” latch located just in front of the trigger guard and pulling the gas line straight down from the base of the upper receiver.

5. Hold the gun by the grip and use the other hand to hold the upper receiver. Pull the grip back and down to release it from the upper receiver.

6. Remove the push pin from below the rear sight while cupping one hand over the end cap on the back of the receiver assembly to keep the inner parts from coming out. This push pin keeps the compressed spring and rails in place and the spring will fire once it is removed.

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7. Tilt the upper receiver so that all of the interior components slide out.

8. Wipe down all of the components with a damp washcloth and then dry them thoroughly with paper towels.

9. Apply paintball marker grease to the valve and rear bolt O-rings.

10. Reassemble the interior components and insert them back into the upper receiver. Refer to the manual if necessary.

11. Replace the end cap and the push pin to secure the upper receiver assembly in place. Re-attach the grip and cylinder gas line followed by the push pins that secure everything in place.

12. Apply three drops of gun oil to the tank adapter and attach the CO2 tank to the paintball marker. Fire the marker several times to force the oil into the marker and help lubricate the recently cleaned parts.