Clean A Tippmann A5

To clean the the Tippmann A-5 paintball gun or marker, it must first be disassembled, taking care to note the placement of each part. Most parts can be cleaned with a cloth and soap, but some should not have contact with water. The cyclone, or feeder cylinder, and the gun casing contain most of the key parts to be cleaned and lubricated.


Disassemble the Gun

1. Remove the Tippmann A-5 paintball marker’s carbon dioxide cylinder. Unload the gun and make sure the trigger is not cocked.

2. Disassemble the gun by loosening the screw inside the front grip adjustment. Twist the barrel counterclockwise to remove. Remove front sight screw just below front sight, and the slide sight upward.

3. Pull the rear sight up and out. Remove the cylinder gas line from the upper receiver by pulling the push pin in front of gas line plug out from the upper receiver. Release the “Tombstone Latch” just behind the receiver and the gas line will pull out.

4. Detach the lower grip and receiver by removing the two pushpins just above each end of the trigger guard on the left side of the gun.

To remove the trigger assembly from the grip, push the safety out the left side of lower receiver and pull up on trigger assembly.

Access the trigger parts by pulling the left plate off the trigger assembly. Do not remove the six long pins from right plate.

5. Remove the drive assembly which includes the front bolt, power tube, valve, rear bolt, linkage arm, drive-pin guide, drive spring and end cap assembly: Screw the velocity screw in past the receiver. Remove last push pin, at the top rear of the gun, holding the end cap in place. Pull the end cap out and tilt gun upward. The drive assembly parts should slide out the back. Remove the drive spring and drive pin.

6. Remove the cyclone or feeder cylinder by unscrewing the large bolt on the opposite side.

Cleaning the Tippmann A-5

7. Remove the four screws at the bottom of the cyclone or feeder cylinder. Lift the cyclone tube slightly and the cap will come off. Remove the nut and spring clip. Turn the cylinder over and remove the top screw. Lift out the starfish-shaped feeder sprockets, then turn it over and lift out the ratchet assembly.

8. Clean the cylinder and all the parts you have removed with a cloth, paper towels, and soap and water if necessary to remove dirt or paint.

Grease the ratchet thoroughly, and everywhere plastic touches plastic.

Pull the ratchet and rod out of the cyclone or cylinder and grease thoroughly.

9. Reassemble the paintball gun, making sure not to tighten the screws too tightly on the plastic. The smaller sprocket goes in first. If all parts are in and the assembly does not work smoothly, try loosening the top screw.

10. Clean the rest of the gun, making sure all the remaining bolts are removed. Put the gun cyclone-side down, and carefully remove the top half. Remove and clean the ball latch.

Clean the inside casing of the gun with soap and water, then dry it off with a towel.

Remove the cocking spring and rod, and clean them, especially the groove.

Remove the clip and spring from the air source adapter– ASA–at the end of the gas line, and the foregrip bolt, and clean them.

Remove the ASA and clean it.

Remove the inside of the gun, which consists of four parts: the rear bolt, the bolt rod, the valve and front bolt. These parts get the most dirt, so clean them thoroughly. Do not use water on the valve, just a cloth and Q-tips.

Remove the O-rings and clean under them, then lubricate them. The rear O-ring can be lubed without being removed.

Wipe off the bolt rod, then clean the other half of the gun casing in the same way, paying close attention to the cyclone hole.

11. Lubricate the cylinder and rod and replace the rod in the groove, carefully putting the O-rings in place.

Lube the ASA and the ball latch and place them back in their original positions. When replacing the cocking spring, push the back forward until it catches in its groove in the casing. It should bow outward. Then fit the two sides of the gun casing together. If they don’t fit, recheck the paintball gun to ensure all parts–especially the cocking spring–are in their proper places.

Reassemble the rest of the Tippmann A-5, making sure all the parts are in their original places.