Clean A Vector V53 Gun

Vector’s V-53 rifle is designed for quick and easy cleaning.

Every round fired in a V-53 builds up carbon fouling in the barrel and internal mechanism. Moisture collects inside and outside the weapon, which causes rust. However, designers made the rifle quick and easy to clean. It comes apart into barreled-action, pistol grip, and butt-stock subassemblies without tools. Vector based the V-53 on gun-maker Heckler and Koch’s HK-53 rifle, which is a .223-caliber version of its famous MP-5 sub-machine gun.



1. Remove the V-53’s ammunition magazine by pushing forward on the magazine release level located in front of the trigger guard. Pull magazine out of rifle. Grasp cocking handle with the left hand and pull it back to retract the bolt. If the rifle was loaded, this will eject a cartridge from the chamber. Rotate cocking handle into slot cut into the gun’s upper receiver to lock bolt open. Look into the open chamber to make sure it is empty. Rotate cocking handle out of slot and allow bolt to spring forward.

2. Locate locking pin connecting buttstock to receiver, behind pistol grip. Push pin free of receiver. It should come free with finger pressure. If not, carefully push with screwdriver or other tool. Pull buttstock straight backwards until it is free of the gun.

3. Rotate pistol grip assembly down and away from receiver until it is also free.

4. Pull cocking handle slowly to the rear. Recoil spring, spring guide, and bolt will slide out the back of the receiver. Pull free. Rotate bolt 90 degrees in bolt assembly and pull it free.

5. Push out the handguard-locking pin, located under the front sight. Pull handguard down and free.


6. Attach jag to the tip of the cleaning rod. Soak a cloth patch with solvent and push through barrel using the cleaning rod from the rear of the receiver. Wait about 10 minutes to allow solvent to dissolve barrel fouling. Attach .223 size bronze brush to end of cleaning rod. Carefully brush bore 2-3 times. Reattach jag. Push clean patches through barrel from back to front until patches come out clean. Lightly coat a patch with gun oil and push through barrel from the rear.

7. Wipe or spray powder solvent onto bolt and bolt assembly. Wait about 10 minutes for powder residue to dissolve. Brush clean. Wipe away dissolved powder and solvent with clean rags. Wipe clean spring and spring guide.

8. Wet cloth with solvent and wipe receiver’s exterior metal surfaces until clean of powder residue. Wipe inside receiver. Brush away fouling and wipe with clean cloth. Wipe pistol group inside and out. When clean, wipe all surfaces inside and out with lightly oiled cloth.

9. Wipe buttstock and handguard with cloth lightly coated in solvent. Wipe clean front and rear sights, pistol grip, trigger and trigger guard. Brush solvent into receiver’s exterior grooves and recesses. Wipe away solvent with clean cloth. Wipe with lightly oiled cloth.


10. Rotate bolt back into bolt assembly. Slide spring and spring guide back into bolt assembly. Slide into receiver.

11. Rotate pistol grip assembly up into receiver. Push butt stock into receiver. Replace locking pin.

12. Reattach hand guard. Replace locking pin.

13. Check functioning by pulling cocking handle to rear and releasing it. Pull and hold trigger. Hammer should fall with a snap. Keep trigger back while pulling cocking handle to rear and release. Release trigger. Hammer should not fall. Pull trigger. Hammer should fall.