Clean A Viewloader Triton 2 Paintball Gun

The Viewloader Triton 2 Paintball gun is touted as being a reliable, accurate gun for a first-time player or an experienced veteran looking for a solid back up or “knock around” gun. The Triton is inexpensive, yet comes with quality parts and a body that is easy to disassemble. The only way to keep your Triton functioning as optimally as it can however, is to clean it regularly. Cleaning the Viewloader Triton 2 is quite easy and can be performed by even a novice gunsmith.


1. Use the Allen wrenches to remove the action bolt (a circular piece of metal on the back of the grip) at the rear of the gun body. Remove the front and rear mounting bolts on the trigger guard.

2. Unscrew the barrel and slide the action bolt out of the gun body. Use the gun lube and a few patches from the pistol cleaning kit to wipe out the inside of the gun body and the action itself.

3. Push four to five dry-cleaning swabs through the barrel with the pistol cleaning rod and then swab the inside of the barrel and gun body with a lubed swab. Put a dab of oil on the springs and any pivots on the interior of the gun. Also, drip a bit of oil on the trigger.

4. Reassemble the gun by sliding the action back into place in the body and securing the trigger guard with the mounting bolts. Screw the action bolt back in at the rear of the gun body and then screw the barrel back on the gun.