Clean An Apv Crossfire

The APV exhaust valves on your Crossfire snowmobile can become worn and dirty over time, requiring cleaning. Carbon deposits can build up on the valves, causing them to stick or operate inefficiently. The frequency at which you need to clean the APV exhaust valves will vary depending on driving conditions and the type of oil you use in your Crossfire’s engine. Using basic hand tools and brake parts cleaner, you can help make your APV exhaust valves operate in a smooth manner again.


1. Remove the plastic cover that sits on top of the APV valve’s servomotors to gain access to the pulley mechanism that’s used to open and close the valves during engine operation.

2. Remove the black steel cable of the APV valve assembly by pulling up on the retaining clip.

3. Pull the cable housing down to create some slack in the APV’s wire-driven open and closing mechanism.

4. Remove the metric bolts that attach each valve to the exhaust cylinder. Clean the valves individually by spraying them with brake parts cleaner, then wiping them down. Use a wire brush to clean off any carbon deposits or dirt that may remain on the valves.

5. Reinstall each valve after you’ve cleaned, following the disassembly instructions in Step 4 to begin cleaning the next APV valve. Repeat this cleaning process until you’ve finished cleaning and reinstalling all of the APV exhaust valves.

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