Clean An Avenger Paintball Gun

Paintball is a fast-paced sport that requires you to keep your equipment in good working order. It’s easy for guns to get dirty, grimy and otherwise soiled during a paintball game. After the game, cleaning the gun should be a top priority. Keeping your gun clean and lubed will help it last longer and work better during games. Cleaning an Avenger paintball gun is one of the best ways to keep it working.


1. Take apart your Avenger gun according to the schematic that came with the gun. Look up the schematic online if you no longer have it. Take out your gun’s air source and put it aside. The air source should not get wet. Take off the gun’s grip frame, bolt and hammer or striker.

2. Clean the barrel with a squeegee and wipe it down, inside and out, with warm water and a paper towel or rag. Dry the barrel completely with a rag or paper towel once it has been cleaned.

3. Clean the inside portions of the Avenger’s body. Clean the gun with a paper towel or rag and warm water. Use Q-tips or an old toothbrush to clean small parts or hard-to-reach areas of the inside of your gun.

4. Clean out the grip frame with an old toothbrush. Remove all paint and debris before washing the grip frame with warm water and drying it with a paper towel.

5. Inspect the bolt and hammer or striker of your Avenger to make sure the o-rings are intact. Wash the bolt and hammer or striker with warm water and dry them thoroughly. Replace any damaged o-rings, as they can cause air leaks in your gun.

6. Lubricate the internal portions of your Avenger gun with paintball gun oil. Make sure all the parts of your gun are completely dry before putting it back together.